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Whether you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned home owner, arranging a mortgage can be very confusing and daunting experience; that is why you should work with an experienced Mortgage Broker/Agent. I offer over 35 years in the mortgage industry dealing in city properties, small town and rural properties as well as well and septic properties.

My expertise is dealing with clients with bruised credit or are in difficult financial situations. Whether it is a credit issue, a marital split, or anything that puts you in a difficult financial situation, I am the person to assist in putting you back on a solid financial footing. I have a variety of lenders and private funds to pull this together.

I have the expertise to pull together deals when time is of the essence. I have a connection to a group of people from Real Estate Agents to Lawyers and Appraisers who will work with us to pull this together in a fast effective manner.

I am just a phone call away 905-243- Judi (5834)



Mortgage Brokers Port Perry

Judi Weedmark

Phone: 905.243.5834

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